Certification ISO 45001: 2018

Guarantee the minimum standards of safety at work

La ISO 45001 "Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements and guide for use" defines the minimum standards of good practice for the protection of workers around the world.

Establishes a picture to improve security, reduce risks in the workplace e improve health and well-being of workers thus allowing organizations to increase so proactive le in matters of health and safety.

Three-year migration period, at the end of which the BS OHSAS 18001 certifications will no longer enjoy any recognition.

In the three-year transitional period, the migrazione it will be possible on the occasion of Renewals or Supervision (with the addition of audit time, to assess the compliance of the SGSSL with the ISO 45001 standard), or during a special audit.

Advantages for the company that certifies itself

Certification Process

> Request for an offer from the customer interested in certification

> Acquisition of all the information necessary for the certification and issue of the offer by AX-REGISTER

> Acceptance of the offer by the customer


> Analysis of any gaps and assessment of the current compliance of the ISMS with the regulatory requirements

> Verification aimed at evaluating the implementation of the principles and structure of the Management System (applicable legislation and regulations, security policy, risk analysis, Statement of Applicability (SoA), clear and consistent definition of the purpose, risk treatment plan)

> Verification aimed at evaluating the adequate and effective implementation of the Management System, through techniques that involve the analysis of documents, observations, interviews with personnel.

> This verification is aimed at issuing the certificate

> Audit carried out annually after certification, to check continuous improvement

> The Renewal Audit is carried out after three years following a complete verification or continuous evaluation over time.

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