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The opportunities of the market of the Russian Federation are well known. In a context of general economic development, also favored by the legislative and administrative reform process, the presence of a strong growth in domestic demand has to deal with the limits of the current Russian production structure: this results in enormous spaces and opportunities for companies from other countries ready to meet Russian demand, both for consumer goods and capital goods.

The regulatory framework in Russia is very different from the European context in which we are used to moving with agility. If the principle of mutual recognition is in force in the EC market, and compulsory certification (CE marking) is required only for certain families of products that are dangerous or associated with serious risks, in Russia, based on law no. 508 of 22/07/92 on the defense of consumers' rights, most of the products intended for marketing on the federation's internal markets must be certified to verify the compliance of the product with Russian national standards.

Since the verification of imported goods on the basis of safety and quality indices is not the direct responsibility of the customs authorities, the latter limit themselves to verifying the existence and authenticity of the documents certifying the properties of the imported products.

In the goods security customs control system, the main document is the certificate of conformity (see) issued under the mandatory certification system "GOST R".

GOST is an abbreviation for "Gosudarstvenny Standart"(" State Standard "in Russian). Such a national certification system was introduced for protect public health ed ensure the safety and quality of the products imports that flooded the national markets of the ex-USSR countries.

Products bearing the GOST R brand demonstrate that they comply with applicable standards and have received a GOST-R certification Russia from an accredited certification office.

Therefore they can be cleared through customs only if provided with this certification issued by an official Russian body accredited by Gosstandart.The certificate of conformity must be shown together with the customs declaration of loading, and constitutes the fundamental document for theentry of goods on the customs territory of the Russian Federation.

Advantages for the company that certifies itself

Certification Process

> Request for an offer from the customer interested in certification

> Acquisition of all the information necessary for the certification and issue of the offer by AX-REGISTER

> Acceptance of the offer by the customer


> Analysis of any gaps and assessment of the current compliance of the ISMS with the regulatory requirements

> Verification aimed at evaluating the implementation of the principles and structure of the Management System (applicable legislation and regulations, security policy, risk analysis, Statement of Applicability (SoA), clear and consistent definition of the purpose, risk treatment plan)

> Verification aimed at evaluating the adequate and effective implementation of the Management System, through techniques that involve the analysis of documents, observations, interviews with personnel.

> This verification is aimed at issuing the certificate

> Audit carried out annually after certification, to check continuous improvement

> The Renewal Audit is carried out after three years following a complete verification or continuous evaluation over time.

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